Organic AI Optimisation

AI Content for SEO

Planning, creating and structuring optimised content has never been easier, but AI-assisted writing carries risk. We provide guidance and peace of mind.

Visibility in AI Chat

As AI chat embeds more deeply into organic search, your success will depend on how you optimise for context, sentiment, consensus and consumer truth.

AI Accountability

Whatever your feelings are towards AI, they probably differ from those of your colleagues and suppliers. You need an AI policy to align content creators.

Working smarter with AI

Prompt Engineering

Getting the most out of generative AI requires a new skillset. Work smarter with AI by engineering prompts to illicit more accurate, unique, on-brand responses, providing deeper value for your customers and your organic search strategy.

Few-Shot Prompting

Ask and answer example questions using the desired format for the response.

Prep & Prompt

Curate standardised training prompts to ensure tailored and authentic responses.

Chain of Thought (CoT)

Teach the AI your desired logic to get more accurate and auditable responses.

Role Engineering

Give the AI specific roles to play to steer the perspective of its responses.

What are the goals of AIO?


The amplification of bias, discrimination, and other harmful ideas is very real with generative AI. You can take simple steps to mitigate this, ensuring your content is ethical and safe for readers.


Built on consensus rather than logic, generative AI can be inaccurate and an echo chamber for misinformation; but with the proper tools and training, it elevates your content accuracy.


Generative AI can recycle copyrighted content and present it as original work. Checks and processes are needed to prevent accidental plagiarism from damaging your reputation.


AI optimisation is all about improving the speed, scalability, sustainability and effectiveness of your content strategy. Get it right and you can achieve topical authority with unparalleled efficiency.


Google has stated that they will rank the best content to satisfy a search query regardless of how it was written. However, only the best AI content infused with human insight will remain safe from Google updates.


Without proper planning, AI content strategies can erode your tone-of-voice and devalue your brand promises. With the right approach, AI can help you to develop a more consistent and coherent brand.

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Not sure if AIO is right for you?

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