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We help you and your staff to do SEO like a pro. Our tailored training schedules cover every aspect, from theory and metrics to practical hands-on techniques, so you can fill the gaps in your knowledge and get better results.

Following an initial assessment, we can put together a bespoke training schedule that fills the gaps in your existing knowledge and pushes your SEO skills to new heights. Using your website as a real-word example, we will offer valuable insight and practical advice at every step.

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From high-level SEO theory and keyword research to technical auditing and on-page optimisation, and from backlink analysis to cutting edge link acquisition strategies – our experts will guide you through the entire SEO process and leave you with actionable next steps.

The format of the training can vary depending on the number of people attending and the goals of each session, but we prefer to do training on-site at your premises. We can deliver masterclasses, practical group sessions, talks or one-on-one training. We will also provide handouts, guides and other useful materials for future reference.

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